we're not your normal networking group

She Collective is all about creating a badass community for D.C.-area women in support of the hustle. We have monthly(ish) in-person meet-ups where we talk about issues that matter to women growing their careers. We create space for women to have deeper conversations about the challenges—mental, physical, and emotional—we face trying to get ahead.

what makes us different


Hear from women  crushing it in the workplace, running their own businesses or creating something new. Hear their successes, setbacks, and about when they took huge leaps.


We break into small groups during events so we can have more meaningful convos. Yes, there will be that dreaded time for small talk, but there’s a fully-stocked bar to help you through it.


How do I...Do my taxes? Register a business? Negotiate for a higher salary? Create a website? Our events allow you to ask these questions to people who have been there before.


Professional success shouldn't be all hard work. Our events are designed to be fun (we swear we're not just saying that). We also have special events focused on self-care, no work allowed.

we believe in giving back

No one gets where they are without some help. That’s why we started She Collective, and it’s also why we give back to the D.C. community. Proceeds from each event ticket sold will go to New Endeavors by Women, a nonprofit that provides housing and programming to women and children to help them get back on their feet.

our founders
Emily Zeigenfuse

As the director of digital strategy at a PR agency in D.C., Emily has devoted her career to helping women live healthier and happier lives through social media. When she's not stalking adorable dogs on Instagram, Emily enjoys reading and attempting to make bagels from scratch.



Lauren Kranich

Lauren is an international event planner who turned in her spreadsheets for yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition.  She pivoted her side hustle into her full-time passion and each day is inspired by the strength and kindness of the women she counsels.

Sarah Turkel

Sarah is a lawyer turned event planner. After spending a few years in New York, she moved to DC and began her side hustle—a private personal styling company. Sarah is a full-time dog lover, part-time dancer, and super excited to be a part of this group of incredible women.